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peter crawford(non-registered)
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Gordon Nancy(non-registered)
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Queen Ruth(non-registered)
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JOE MAX(non-registered)
Trust me, there are still good and genuine hackers amongst all, and I can boldly tell you that PARAGON CREDIT SOLUTION is one among the best out there, 2 years ago I messed up with my credit score due to my wife’s illness, and she was diagnosed of stage 3 cancer, I had 9 negatives on my report and my score was below 517, so I tried some companies here in Alabama but I was scammed, not until my father in-law visited us, I told him what I’ve been going through and he promised to recommend a reliable hacker in Texas, after few days, he recommended [email protected] I was skeptical but he assured me to be positive, after spoke with the hacker, he promised to help me, so I made an upfront payment and we started the process, surprisingly he did a mind blowing job on my report just in 9 working days, he deleted all negatives on my report and raised my FICO score from 517 to 796 Excellent, I’m so happy all thanks to PARAGON CREDIT SOLUTION and my father in-law , confidently write them for Credit Fix cheers !!
Douglas jordan(non-registered)
You may have tried many credit repair services and come away feeling unsatisfied and that your time and money has been wasted.I had a very poor credit score because of the a bad business decision I made. I invested with a fraudulent crypto trading company that stole my money. I went online and saw some good reviews about Michael calce creditservices, I filed my reports to him and he helped me improve my credit score from low 460 to 815 and cleared all negative items on my credit he came through for me without charging outrageous fees.He is the best hacker at the moment and His service are fast, secured and reliable without stress.I'll indulge anyone here having any credit repair issues to reach him via [email protected]
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